Photograph by Russell James. Collaborative art by Nathan Mundraby (AUS).

4’10” x 6’4” archival inkjet on canvas with acrylic and ochre applications.

The harsh Australian landscape was occupied by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years before new people came and changed the way we lived. The new people had different ways which evolved rapidly into the modern world of today. The landscape was changed forever and adjusting to this world has not been easy. Some of the modern landscape is more helpful, more positive, to Indigenous culture than other parts. Hugh has shown through his inclusion of Indigenous story and song in his theatre productions and his continued support of positive projects such as Nomad Two Worlds that he can see which part of the landscape he wishes to inhabit, and as such the goanna is very careful not to cover his eyes so he can always see the right path. With a resting tail and one claw still firmly attached to the land of which we are one, the goanna and all his people continue to climb forward over a landscape of reconciliation and understanding. The goanna is grateful to those that understand that this landscape can still be very harsh and have assisted him on his way.