About Us

Nomad Two Worlds is a socially conscious, company dedicated to supporting indigenous and marginalized communities worldwide. Through direct cultural immersion and collaboration with local artisans, we create sustainable, premium products and create economic opportunities in our partner communities.


Our Story

Created by world renowned photographer and cultural nomad Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds began as a collaborative art project with Indigenous communities in an attempt to understand the clash of ancient and modern cultures he witnessed growing up in Australia. Inspired profoundly by "The Apology", the 2008 public apology made to Indigenous Australians by the then Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, James enlisted people from the Australian Indigenous communities to join forces with himself, and the likes of will i am, Hugh Jackman, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan and many others to create and present the first NOMAD TWO WORLDS Collaborative Art Exhibition in New York City in 2009. The show, dedicated to the theme of meaningful reconciliation, was a blend of art, music, film, education and community outreach that received extraordinary global media attention and spawned a series of collaborations and global exhibitions with Native American, Haitian, and other Aboriginal artists.

Over the years, as the Nomad project art project grew, we recognized a need to support our partner communities in a more holistic manner. Many of these communities, though rich in tradition and beautiful culture, struggle with poverty and inequality that threatens their existence. This inspired us to explore how a mix of commerce and art could lead to impactful change. Embracing this spirit Nomad Two Worlds has today evolved into a socially-conscious business dedicated to supporting indigenous and marginalized communities worldwide through artistic collaboration and creation of economic opportunity. We are proud to work with amazing partners in Western Australia, Haiti, and North America to create sustainable, premium products that fulfill this mission.