Translation: Now knowing.

Photograph by Russell James. Collaborative art by Lance Chadd (AUS).

4’11” x 6’4” archival pigment ink printed on rag cotton with acrylic and ochre applications.

‘Today we were looking at those Kangaroos, about 20 or more hopping that way and there’s that one big fella leading them and he’s on the other side of the paddock. They all come as far as the fence and they stopped. He stopped because they weren’t following him and looked back, but it was because of the fence that they were restricted. They couldn’t go anywhere. That big Boomer ( Old male Kangaroo ) standing there looking back at them. Waiting’. I think there were probably a lot of people, back earlier,that were interested in Aboriginal culture but were inhibited or restricted a lot by their piers attitudes. Their families or friends may not have approved. Our culture has become more appreciated in recent times, particularly through tourism, International interest and the arts. It’s all right now for people to be interested, it’s more widely accepted. Our people should be valued, more because of who they are and their history of this place and when people learn the culture through experience and sharing, they will develop more appreciation for ‘life’. Things are changing. ‘Moolap’ is about someone who has had an awareness of culture, something’s taking time to understand ( light areas varying in brightness ) Some things are taken to heart ( hand gesture ). Through cultural knowledge, people start to appreciate land, animals etc. The more they learn about culture and Aboriginal spirituality in relation to land and totemic beings and how they are related to land and place and environment. The more they will appreciate it, respect it and care for it.