Translation: Innocence Water Spirit

This piece is a reproduced as an N2W only. The work is based on the original work titled Innocence Triptych which contained 3 individual panels each 5’ x 12’ archival pigment ink printed on rag cotton with acrylic and ochre applications. The N2W, Innocence Ngapa Pirlirr, measures 48”x60”.

James’ photograph represents the period of Innocence, when indigenous culture was at the height of its peaceful reign.

Bieundurry’s collaborative art is inspired by pirlirr, an expression of spirit that comes from land, culture and family. The connection of Aboriginal people to ‘country’ is integral to the continuity of cultural beliefs and practices. In his traditional country every living and non-living thing has a spirit and when several spirits join they can form a pirlirr (soul). Pirlirr roam the country for decades in search of the parents of an unborn child who will carry it. Upon finding the right parents it transfers itself into a totem (jarriny), which comes in the form of an animal. While in the totem it will guide this animal into the path of the parents.

The animal is hunted and eaten for food by the people its related to and the pirlirr is guided into the path of the parent. After the pirlirr has passed on the spirit disperses back into the earth from where it came.

The collaborative art piece represents the birth of a spirit/soul or pirlirr.