Translation: A fine, mineral rich red earth found in the Kimberly Region of Australia.

Photograph by Russell James. Collaborative art by Clifton Bieundurry (AUS).

5’ x 7’ archival pigment ink printed on rag cotton with acrylic and ochre applications.

James’ photograph was taken while accompanying Bieundurry to his ‘country’ by Lake Gregory in North Western Australia. The orange (pindan) is ever hot and shifting and forms a vast part of the land as a whole, while it plays a large role in Bieundurry’s family story.

In Aboriginal lore pindan represents the journey the indigenous soul or pirlirr takes in finding its homeland, carrying with it a hair belt which shows artefacts that identify it. The hair belt Bieundurry has painted indicates to other spirits (pirlirri) its origins and what lore it follows.

The art piece represents the conflicted values of a similar landscape and the soulful journey that is taking place.