Photograph by Russell James. Collaborative art by Clifton Bieundurry (AUS).

4’10” x 6’4” archival inkjet on canvas with acrylic and ochre applications.

There was once a great spirit that rested in the oceans, rivers and lakes. It flowed with the tides and currents of the earth’s water and showed its powers of creation and destruction.

The water spirit was balanced by its twin spirit in the Earth. Together they form the essence of the path which we can follow on a journey towards becoming greater than what we are.

This painting represents one such journey of a human who has accepted the challenge of discovering his own spirit. He has allowed himself to be guided by the spirits of our elders; surrendering himself to the cultural experiences and ancient wisdom of Indigenous people who have passed on knowledge of balance and respect for earth and water’s gifts.

This self-discovery has opened the man’s spirit to becoming Jangala.